Metal Roofing Systems, including Metal Shingles and Ice Dam Solutions, for Homes in Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN & the Surrounding Area

Metal Roofing Minneapolis MNThe metal roofing products provided and installed by Nationwide Metal Roofing in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, area are among the most dependable and resilient roof solutions available. Unlike traditional wood or asphalt-based roofs, which have shingles that are prone to wearing, rotting, or leaking over time, our metal roofs can provide your home with unsurpassed protection from the elements. These roofing products will never warp, crack, rot, or otherwise deteriorate, and are resistant to fire, water absorption, and insect infestation. Our metal shingles can also stand up to even the most extreme weather conditions – in fact, many of our shingle lines have passed UL2218 Class IV impact resistance tests, which replicate high-speed blows from flying debris, and UL 580 uplift tests, which simulate wind speeds of over 200 mph.

Plus, if you’re concerned about our state’s often frigid winters, we also offer many different types of ice dam solutions. Using several innovative features, such as locked-down gable edges, butyl sealants, and waterproof underlayments, our Snow Country metal roofs prevent water from seeping in and freezing, avoiding roof leaks and permanent ice damage. What’s more, these roofs feature “Open Valley” self-cleaning channels, so snow will slide harmlessly off of your roof once the weather nears 40 degrees Fahrenheit, helping to keep your roof clean and minimizing the need for maintenance. The ultimate of our ice dam solutions, however, is our Heated Shingle system. This electrically based system is less costly than hydronic systems and, unlike tapes, it evenly heats shingles in their entirety to provide protection in areas prone to ice dam.

Shake Roof, Snow Roof, and Standing Seam Metal Roof Products Available for Residences throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN & All Nearby Areas

Metal Shingles Minneapolis MNWhen you call on Nationwide Metal Roofing for your new roof in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or the surrounding region, you can also count on having an immense range of options at your disposal. Whether you want a traditional-looking shake roof shingles, a Snow Country roof with features specially designed to protect against shingle and trim damage when shedding snow and ice, or a classic standing seam metal roof, we will have the products you need. We carry multiple lines such as Rustic Shingle, Oxford Shingle, and Country Manor Shake roofs, each with their own unique styles and benefits that might make them ideally suited for your tastes and needs.

No matter which metal roofing product you select, however, you can expect to enjoy a roof of exceptional durability that will stand the test of time. Unlike composition or asphalt roofs, which can only be expected to last 8-20 years, our metal shingles will literally last a lifetime. We’re so sure that one of our roofing systems is the last you’ll ever need, we back each one with a non-prorated lifetime warranty that covers both the roof itself and the installation services provided by our factory-certified installation team. This comprehensive warranty can even be passed on to the next owners of your home for an additional 40 years, helping to increase the resale value of your property if you decide to relocate. Plus, we offer extensive customer support throughout the roof installation process, including personalized concierge service and a dedicated project manager to oversee your project. This ensures that all work is completed on-time and to our demanding quality standards.

To learn more about the various metal shingles and roofing systems we offer in Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN, and all nearby communities, contact Nationwide Metal Roofing today.